Using The Space!

So you have planned a family room extension to your home? It may be a space for your kitchen, dining area and also a lounge area, but how do you divide it up. Your first thoughts may be to have a large kitchen with a large island; this can be a big mistake depending on the area of your room. You may have a small kitchen at present and just want to spread it all out and have a feeling of space. This is fine if you are left with enough room for your dining and lounge areas. The thing is that your small kitchen you have at present is probably very efficient at the very least you don’t have to walk too far to any within the kitchen. If you can imagine taking away two of the four walls (assuming it is rectangular)and putting your kitchen in the corner of your new extension, your old kitchen would have a completely different feel to it. Just add a breakfast bar, and you have a seating area where your kids can eat their breakfast and your friends and family somewhere to sit and chat to you while you are preparing and cooking their meals.You may also have a view of the rest of the area including the garden, which will give you a great feeling of space, In my opinion, a peninsula is a much better option than an island if you want to limit the area your kitchen takes up. If you don’t get the layout right, you can end up with small areas of the extension which you can’t do much with and sometimes they just become a big walkthrough. If you have a vast space to work with, then go for that big island. When visiting potential clients islands are probably one of the most requested features that people want in their kitchen. A significant proportion of these I have to convince them that an island will not work .this may be for space reasons or if they want a sink or dishwasher in the island that it would be impossible or costly to get the waste water away. There are many many factors involved in choosing a kitchen layout, the position of existing services in your house such as gas, water and electrical installation. Many of these I will be going through at a later date.