Kitchen Extension Tips !!

There are a few things to consider should you be contemplating extending your house to create a family area incorporating your kitchen and living space. The kitchen could be the most expensive part of the project apart from perhaps the building work. It is an excellent idea that when you have obtained planning permission (should you need it) before you start to get quotes from builders, you should decide a layout for your kitchen. Not only will the builder have to know the positions of sinks, boilers, and appliances etc. but the location of a window may affect the kitchen layout. I always prefer to position a sink central with a window if possible, so the position of the window could be critical. Also, a doorway in the slightly wrong place may affect the dream kitchen you always wanted. To do this before you get quotes is far better, as the quote you get will be based on what you wish to, any changes to the work after the builders quote is excepted usually work out more expensive especially if you have paid a deposit, and the work has already started. If you came to Teddington kitchens for a free quote and initial design, I would go through all this with you which could save you a lot of heartache and money dealing with your builder.This may sound obvious, but I have met an awful lot of people who have fallen into this trap! Also If you do not have a separate utility room for your laundry etc. and you are planning a family room incorporating your kitchen you need to consider creating one in either the new extension or in the existing house. Due to the noise from the washing machine etc. and the clutter which laundry area creates, this will spoil the look and your family area. And ruin any conversation or the viewing of a tv or listening to music.

Over the next few weeks, I will be discussing the do’s and don’ts of kitchen design and layout, concerning all the decisions you have to make not just in design.