M.D.F. Doors & Frames

We use high impact water resistant M.D.F for our doors and frames; this is a high-quality product not the run of the mill M.D.F obtained from most suppliers.

M.D.F is far more stable than wood no twisting or bowing and is not affected by moisture and temperature changes, unlike wood. Our frames and doors are cut from a single piece of M.D.F.This means that after painting there is no chance of cracks appearing in the paintwork around the centre panels of the doors or anywhere around the frames as there are no joints. The doors always close flush with the frame and never bind. Tulipwood has been used traditionally for this purpose and still is for most frames and doors on painted kitchens, some manufacturers now use M.D.F for the doors and tulipwood for the frames, but they always use the five-piece construction for the doors. M.D.F is also a far better painting surface than wood, and although tulipwood is classed as a hardwood it is in fact very soft, and you can easily push your nail into it.

Our Doors and frames are cut on a CNC machine (computer numerical control)which can be programmed to cut very intricate shapes and exceptionally accurately so there is no limit to the door types that can be produced.